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DataedX Club

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About Us

DataedX approaches data science instruction in a different way. We connect you with us (your lead trainers) and others to inspire, engage and grow your data science knowledge. We curate existing resources to help focus your data science interests. We create resources and pathways designed to improve data science skills.

Why You Should Join Us

You’ve heard the words 'data science' frequently in the news media, your place of employment and well, just about everywhere! You know it’s important but you may be wondering what you need and should know, especially in the workplace. You are not alone. And you don’t need to have aspirations to becoming a data scientist. Data science materials are plentiful and vary in usefulness. Getting started and staying informed can seem like a race you aren't able to win. 

DataedX Club gives you markers to explore. As a member, you gain access to human-reviewed data science resources and a community of professionals like you. Ask questions, share your insights, discuss topics, engage with our content and learn more about the data space. Activate your data science citizenship for real-world application TODAY! 

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